Aim for the Top and Start from the Bottom

If your systems are not efficient and reliable, then any IT investment is unlikely to produce the desired results. We believe in a bottom-up approach to improve the bottom line.

Execute – Get systems configured and executing properly. Systems need to be secured and executing properly. Systems need to be secured, backed up, monitored, and managed in order to provide a reliable foundation for all IT systems and applications.

Enable – Integrated business applications and processes to enable the business’ needs to drive your systems and note the other way around.

Empower – Leverage technology to empower the business to deliver new services or expand into new markets.

Service Catalog

Server Management

  • Improve server reliability, reduces IT costs and downtime

  • Windows & Linux servers

  • Expertise in server virtualization

  • Manage email, directory, web hosting, applications, etc.

Network & Connectivity

  • WiFi, LAN & WAN technologies

  • Software Defined-WAN

  • VoIP deployment and management

  • Manage ISP, circuit, MPLS & cloud services

IT Security

  • Proactive approach to IT security

  • Audits, perimeter management, network and host monitoring

  • Ask about our advance security programs

Domestic Service Desk

  • Customized for your business

  • Targeted support on specific products

IT Business Services

  • Options range from managing all of IT to individual systems

  • Manage software licenses & asset life cycles

  • External domain and DNS records management

Managed Cloud

  • Wherever your IT resides, we can manage it

  • We can help you navigate & better understand options

  • NP manages private, on-premise and commercial clouds

Workstation Management

  • Simple, efficient & low-cost options

  • AV and malware protections

  • Proactive maintenance & monitoring

Data Management

  • DB, data interfaces & web portals development

  • Import, export & data conversions expertise

  • Business processes automation

Electronic Commerce

  • B2B advance developer team

  • Support EDI, AS2, XML, JSOB, web services

  • Retail, manufacturing, medical & logistics

Disaster Recovery

  • Simplified low-cost options

  • Multiple & flexible plans

  • Restore time metrics available